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Through dance and movement, we can learn about ourselves and others, from the direct experience of discovering the emotions behind our own authentic behaviour.



Dance Movement Psychotherapy fundamentally works with the understanding that our minds and bodies are interconnected.

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Natasha Sackey MA RDMP is a creative facilitator and a registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist with the Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK (ADMP). The objective of Natasha’s work is to help people shift perspective, and elevate themselves to their best possible state of wellbeing. This is achieved using the form of dance to explore movement on all levels.

Fundamental to Natasha Sackey’s approach is the understanding that dance, movement & creativity stimulates the body, mind and soul. We offer highly effective approaches to body/mind healing, wellbeing and self-development for all. Natasha has extensive and diverse experience of developing innovative programmes both creative and therapeutic, for a range of organisations in education, health, professional services, and community & arts institutions. We offer a continuum of dance, creative and therapeutic approaches that include artistic, educational, therapeutic and therapy provisions.


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Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts is an award accredited programme using a combination of performing, creative and therapeutic arts techniques. By exploring self expression it supports personal development in young people with special needs, emotional difficulties and autism.

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Body Mapping

Body Mapping is an art, body and movement therapeutic programme. Taught in group session workshops, It utilises a creative process that allows participants to explore and creatively communicate the stories that live in our bodies, and gain understanding of ourselves, and the world we live in.

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Dance Movement Psychotherapy

Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP) is a specialist psychotherapy provision. Our bespoke programmes adopt an integrative and interdisplinary approach to meet a wide range of customers & client needs.

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Bespoke Creative Project Development

‘Sensory Palaces’ is a health and wellbeing programme for people with mental health disabilities. Our workshops use a multi-sensory approach to exploring stories of the Royal Historical Palace.

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Natasha was a very good person to have on board. The way she managed to work together myself and the Flagz Mas team, we quickly formed a good rapport. Her ability to problem solve and follow up even when we were busy and fully focused was great to have. Her communication skills was commendable as everyone felt at ease when speaking with her. Her understanding of how Flagz Mas operate in such a short time was there for all to see. Some believed we had been working together for ages and not for the first time. It was great to work with Natasha, and we look forward to future projects.

Eon PyleFlagz Mas Band Leader

Natasha produced the Flagz Carnival in Battersea last Spring, which trended as top pick on the Hoop app that weekend. So many families came and participated, who would not normally engage with the arts and had never heard of the Wandsworth Arts Fringe before! Natasha has a special talent at getting people involved and working together and the resulting event was oozing positive energy. I really hope that she will produce another Carnival as part of WAF again next year.

Lelia GreciArts Programme Manager, Enable Leisure & Culture

As an outstanding SEN school, creating an inclusive Performing arts programme is an important part of the vision for our school. The expressive arts programme Natasha Sackey has developed with us allows our students to shine. Consistently, Natasha’s work with us has been observed as outstanding.

Natasha JohnsonAssociate Headteacher, Pield Heath House School (SEN) and 6th form Provision-London

Natasha Sackey is an exceptional educator. As Assistant Cultural Attache for the U.S. Embassy in London, I got the pleasure of working with Natasha on several projects and without exception her performance was beyond my expectations. Her organisational skills and creativity are superb but she shines brightest when working with young people. Her gentle spirit is a motivating force, and I couldn't recommend her more.

Bobby Adelson JrAssistant Cultural Attache, U.S. Embassy UK

The girls found the Body Mapping therapy helpful, and expressed that the reflective time had given them hope about the future.

Sally JonesArt Teacher, Coteland PRU

It was a joy to see the Sensory Palaces Programme group, participants and support workers, love the palace.

Rachel CrossleyLearning & Participation, Historical Royal Palaces

Is Dance Movement Psychotherapy for you?

  • It can help put your feelings into words.
  • It helps with creatively finding your own voice and empowerment.
  • It provides understanding into the meaning of body’s movement and behaviour,
  • It enhances personal communication skills, self-exploration, self understanding and promotes selfactualisation.
  • It improves self-awareness, body awareness and confidence in personal ability to express, increases ability to explore, identify and manage difficult feelings.
  • It helps with relaxation, calmness,wellbeing energy and vitality.
  • Also benefits by participants being in and part of a supportive, inclusive group experience.


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